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Seta Araz Shahinian
Seta Araz Shahinian is a seasoned facilitator of the healing arts. She has pursued her education worldwide, expertly integrating all the knowledge she has acquired along with God-given gifts and insights that are uniquely hers. She has delved far into the energetic world and has been instructed by Source, developing modalities and techniques that have been instrumental in bringing healing to countless souls since she first established her thriving practice in 2001. Time and again, she has proven that the solution to problems that are prevalent in many of us, lies within the energetic realm and that we must seek solutions beyond conventional therapies and interventions if we are to truly succeed in overcoming our challenges and weaknesses.

Seta is a gifted channel for writing customized prayers needed to overcome any set of limitations, thereby empowering her clients with the tools and resources necessary to actively partake in their own healing, as they assume responsibility for themselves and develop a personal relationship with God.  Seta is in the process of sharing the gift of prayer conveyed to her with all those who seek Divine assistance.  These prayers are all Divinely channeled with the express purpose of bringing profound and effective healing to all those who are unable to personally benefit.
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